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The recording of the themed Zoom session on identification and survey techniques for riparian mammals (20 January), by Ann Hanson from the Yorkshire Mammal Group is now available for streaming:

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: h9?BgE@b>

Don't forget the next Zoom Chat session on 4 Feb when Prof. Alastair Fitter will lead a discussion on Recording in Yorkshire. For details of all future meetings check the Events page.

YNU ZOOM CHAT MEETINGS take place MONTHLY on the First Friday of Each Month:

(i.e. 4 Feb 2022, 4 March 2022, 1 April)

(Note there will also be another Long YNU  Zoom Speaker Meeting on Thursday 20 Jan )

 The Zoom Chat Meeting on 4 Feb will be a discussion on Recording in Yorkshire, led by Alastair Fitter. 
For details of the this Zoom Chat meeting please visit our events page (

If you would like to give a four to ten minutes talk at a future Chat event (even if you haven't been to a meeting before) - please contact me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



The YNU holds two types of Zoom meetings:  Speaker Meetings and Chat Meetings:

1. Zoom Speaker Meetings 

Over Autumn and Winter The YNU is holding Zoom Speaker Meetings. The latest one was  by Clare Langrick on The Ascent of RAM: A history of technology in wildlife recording on 11th November. Visit the YNU website where there will  be a link so that you can, for a month,  watch this excellent talk.

2. YNU Zoom Chat Meetings

These include three to four  short (4-5 minute) talks and also the opportunity to meet members from across Yorkshire in small groups (breakout groups)

Our friends at Butterfly Conservation Yorkshire Branch have asked us to pass on information about their winter season of Zoom online events, which are available to all.  The talks all take place on Monday evenings, 7:30pm - 8:30pm, with upcoming topics as follows:

Monday 17th January - The Purple Emperor: An idiosyncratic species by Dennis Dell
Monday 31st January - Can butterflies find refugia from climate change? by Andy Suggitt
Monday 28th February - A moth conservation strategy for Yorkshire? by Dave Wainwright

As with the YNU monthly themed sessions, all the BCY online events are booked through Eventbrite, the link for next Monday's is here:

Further information on BCY's online events and YouTube videos of previous events can be found here:

We hope you’ve had a relaxing and refreshing Christmas  break and are now in a better position to face whatever 2022 throws at us!  Our first themed Zoom Session will take place on Thursday 20 January at 7.30pm when Ann Hanson and Robert Masheder from the Yorkshire Mammal Group will give a presentation on Riparian Mammal Identification: field signs and survey techniques. Ann and Rob’s expertise in this field should provide us with some useful guidance on how to survey for mammals along our local water courses. Booking will become available from 9am on Friday 7 January through this Eventbrite link:

All the very best for 2022


For details of how to attend visit the relevant entry on the Events page.

Excursions are not just for experts, they are a fabulous way to get involved in field work, see interesting places, share knowledge and learn from others – plus they are very sociable and enjoyable events. If you have never been to one, now is the time to start!

Excursions are the five special field meetings held every year, one in each of Yorkshire’s five vice counties. Members from all the different sections get together to record wildlife in a location chosen by the local VC Excursion Secretary and at the end of the day there is a meeting over tea and biscuits in a local pub or village hall to discuss what has been found. This is always a very informal and enjoyable affair with each section reporting what they have found and passing around interesting specimens.

The location for these meetings is chosen to provide a habitat which will appeal to a range of wildlife interests; sometimes we are specially asked to survey a site or to provide conservation advice. The records from the day are made available to the landowner or manager and also to the local records centre and vice county recorders. An account of the excursion is published in the Naturalist with volunteers from each of the sections writing a brief summary of their findings.

The arrangements for the five meetings all appear in the May edition of the Naturalist and are flagged up in the diary of events on the website. There is no need to book a place to come – just come along to the specified meeting place with a packed lunch and suitable footwear and clothing for a day in the field. The Excursion Secretary will start the meeting by giving an introduction to the site and outlining the arrangements for the day, after which members will go off in small groups, representing the different interests, before gathering for the tea and meeting.

The YNU has been arranging excursions since at least 1877 and the published reports can all be found in the online database of the Naturalist. It is fascinating to look back at previous accounts and to be able to compare them with more recent visits.

Sarah and Ken White

VC Excursion Secretaries for VC61 and 64


Members examining the contents of the moth trap at the VC 64 Upper Wharfedale excursion in 2010 (left) and Herb Paris Paris quadrifolia found on the VC61 Jeffry Bog excursion in 2015 (right). This plant had not been recorded in the VC since the 1970s.