Including Past Presidents

jamesvarley3James Varley (member of Huddersfield Naturalists' Society) with an 'obtained' Ring Ouzel. Photo: Tolson Memorial Museum, HuddersfieldIn 1861 a group of six natural history societies, in the Huddersfield area and within about 20 miles of each other, along with 200+ members, came together to form the West Yorkshire Consolidated Naturalists' Society (WYCNS). It provided an opportunity for individuals who were interested in the study of natural history to meet together, organise excursions, discuss observations and exhibit specimens. The collection of the latter formed an essential part of natural history studies then and, while this is still a prequisite for the study of many organisms today, the extent to which birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies etc. were collected then (see right) would be severely disapproved of today.
In 1864 the WYCNS embarked on the publication of a journal The Naturalist which is still being published by the YNU today.
The WYCNS was reorganised in 1877 and renamed the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union.
By 1880, when it presented its 'memorial' to Charles Darwin at his home in Down House, Kent, there were 27 affiliated societies and an aggregate of 1500 members.

YNU Presidents

This is a list of YNU Presidents from 1876 to the present day.  We are in the process of adding links to obituaries, where applicable, and to presidential addresses via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  Most obituaries are taken from the YNU's journal The Naturalist, while others are taken from the Journal of Botany (1) or Ibis (2).

  1876-77 Rev. Wm. Fowler, MA    
  1878-79 H. Clifton Sorby, LLD, FRS, Pres.GS    
  1880-81 Prof. W. C. Williamson, FRS Obituary  
  1882-83 J. G. Baker, FRS Obituary  
  1884 Rt. Hon. Lord Walsingham, MA, FLS Obituary  
  1885-86 Rev. W. H. Dallinger, LLD, FRS, Pres.RMS    
  1887 Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, MBOU Obituary  
  1888 W. H. Hudleston, MA, FRS, Sec.GS    
  1889 Henry Eeles Dresser, FLS, FZS Obituary  
  1890 Rt. Rev. Wm. Walsham How, D.D. Obituary (1)  
  1891 Prof. A. H. Green, MA, FRS, FLS Obituary  
  1892 C.P. Hobkirk, FLS    
  1893 Henry Seebohm, FLS, FZS Obituary (2)  
  1894 R.H. Tiddeman, MA, FGS Obituary  
  1895 R. Braithwaite, MD, FLS Obituary  
  1896 John Cordeaux, MBOU Obituary  
  1897 Prof. W. Boyd Dawkins, MA, FRS, FGS Obituary  
  1898 Prof. Michael Foster, MA, Sec.RS Obituary  
  1899 William West, FLS Obituary  
  1900 G.T. Porritt, FLS Obituary  
  1901 Rev. Wm. Fowler, MA    
  1902 Prof. P.F. Kendall, FGS    
  1903 W. Denison Roebuck, J.P., FLS, FGS Obituary  
  1904 A.H. Pawson, J.P., FLS, FGS    
  1905 G.W. Lamplugh, FRS, FGS Obituary  
  1906 W. Eagle Clarke, FRSE    
  1907 Charles Crossland, FLS Obituary  
  1908 Dr. Wheelton Hind, BSc, FGS Obituary  
  1909 W.H. St. Quintin, J.P., MBOU    
  1910 Prof. A.C. Seward, MA, FRS    
  1911 Alfred Harker, MA, FRS    
  1912 John W. Taylor    
  1913 Harold Wager, FRS, FLS    
  1914 Thos. Sheppard, FGS, FSA (Scot.)    
  1915 Riley Fortune, FZS    
  1916 W.N. Cheesman, FLS Obituary  
  1917 Sir Archibald Geikie, O.M., K.C.B., LLD., DSc, FRS, FGS Obituary  
  1918 Prof. W. Garstang, MA ScD, FZS    
  1919 W.G. Smith, PhD, BSc Obituary  
  1920 Prof. J.E. Marr, ScD, FRS    
  1921 H.B. Booth, MBOU, FZS    
  1922 T.W. Woodhead, PhD, FLS    
  1923 Dr. A. Smith Woodward, FRS, FLS, FGS    
  1924 Percy H. Grimshaw, FRSE., F.E.S.    
  1925 Prof. J.H. Priestley, D.S.O., BSc, FLS    
  1926 Edwin Hawkesworth    
  1927 Wm. Falconer, F.E.S.    
  1928 Professor, F.O. Bower, D.Sc, FRS, FLS    
  1929 Herbert E. Wroot    
  1930 Greevz Fysher    
  1931 T. Petch, BA, BSc    
  1932 Prof. A. Gilligan, DSc, FGS    
  1933 J. Meikle Brown, BSc, FLS, F.E.S.    
  1934 F.A. Mason, F.R.M.S.    
  1935 W.S. Bisat, FGS    
  1936 E.G. Bayford, FRES    
  1937 W.H. Pearsall, DSc, FLS    
  1938 H. Hamshaw Thomas, MBE, MA, ScD, FRS, FGS    
  1939 Ralph Chislett, FRPS, MBOU    
  1940 W. Watson, DSc, ALS    
  1941 H.C. Versey, DSc, FGS    
  1942 Prof. A.C. Hardy, MA, DSc, FRS    
  1943 A. Malins Smith, MA    
  1944 J. Wilfrid Jackson, DSc, FSA, FGS    
  1945 W.D. Hincks, FRES    
  1946 A.A. Pearson, FLS    
  1947 Prof. W.G. Fearnsides, MA, FGS, FRS    
  1948 Wilfrid Backhouse Alexander, MA    
  1949 Lorna I. Scott, MSc, FLS    
  1950 A. Raistrick, MSc, PhD, FGS    
  1951 Henry Whitehead, BSc    
  1952 Prof. E.A. Spaul, DSc, PhD, FGS    
  1953 E.W. Mason, MA, MSc, FLS    
  1954 Rev. T. Basil Kitchen, FRES    
  1955 E. Wilfrid Taylor, CBE, FRS, MBOU    
  1956 J. Grainger, BSc, PhD    
  1957 P.F. Holmes, MA    
  1958 Alfred Hazelwood    
  1959 H. Henson, FSc, FRES    
  1960 Prof. D.H. Valentine, MA, PhD, FLS    
  1961 Rt. Hon. Lord Hurcomb, GCB, KBE    
  1962 Ellen Hazelwood, FLS    
  1963 W.A. Sledge, PhD, BSc    
  1964 R.F. Dickens    
  1965 S.M. Walters, MA, PhD, FLS    
  1966 N.F. Robertson, MA, BSc, PhD    
  1967 Prof. G.C. Varley, MA    
  1968 James Fisher, MA, FLS, MBOU    
  1969 Miss C.M. Robb, FLS    
  1970 J.H. Flint, FRES, FLA    
  1971 A.J. Wallis, ACIS    
  1972 G.A. Shaw    
  1973 Miss F.E. Crackles, BSc, FLS    
  1974 Dr. Lloyd Evans, MB, CHB    
  1975 A. Brindle, MSc, FRES    
  1976 Dr. J.D. Pickup, MD, MRCP    
  1977 R. Watling, BSc, PhD    
  1978 Joan E. Duncan, BSc    
  1979 T.M. Clegg, FMA, MBOU    
  1980 C.J. Smith, BA   Presidential Address
  1981 E. Joan Appleyard    
  1982 J.R. Mather, MBOU    
  1983 Margaret E. Bradshaw, MBE, BSc, PhD    
  1984 Adrian Norris    
  1985 Roy Crossley, AIB, FRES   Presidential address
  1986 M.R.D. Seaward, DSc, PhD, FLS   Presidential address
  1987 M. Densley, FMA, MBOU    
  1988 I.C. Lawrence    
  1989 M.J.A. Thompson, MB, MPhil, FLS    
  1990 S.L. Sutton, MA, D.Phil, FRES, FRGS    
  1991 Brian Pashby    
  1992 Prof. Gordon F. Leedale, PhD, DSc, F.I.Biol., FLS    
  1993 Prof. G.F. Fryer, DSc, PhD, FRS, FLS    
  1994 L. Magee, C.Eng.    
  1995 P. Skidmore, DSc, FRES    
  1996 Albert Henderson, BA    
  1997 M.E. Archer, BSc, PhD, FRES    
  1998 Dr. Margaret A. Atherden, BA, PhD    
  1999 John E. Dale    
  2000 Colin A. Howes, MPhil    
  2001 Dr. Gillian M. Brand    
  2002 H.E. Beaumont    
  2003 D.J. Brookman, PhD    
  2004 William F. Curtis, MBOU    
  2005 Michael L. Denton, MBOU, FRES    
  2006 Helen M. Jackson, BA    
  2007 Mrs Phyl P. Abbott    
  2008 Colin R. Stephenson    
  2009 Terry J. Crawford, BSc, PhD    
  2010 Geoffrey Wilmore, BA, FLS    
  2011 John Wint    
  2012 Roger Key, PhD, FRES    
  2013 John Newbould    
  2014 Terry Whitaker, BSc, M.I.Biol., PhD, FRES    
  2015 Geoff Oxford, PhD, FLS    
  2016 Simon Warwick, MBE   Presidential address
  2017 Sarah White, MA, MSc   Presidential address
  2018 Peter Flint, FRES    
  2019 Jane Pottas, PhD    
  2020/21 Judith Allinson, PhD