Marine & Coastal
Here you can download reports and articles relevant to the Marine and Coastal Section, as well as a bibliography of marine biology articles from The Naturalist.


Click here for a photographic checklist of nudibranchs recorded in Yorkshire (last updated 2014, does not include recent new records)

Click here for a checklist of marine fish recorded in Yorkshire.

Click here for a template recording form you can use to send us your marine and coastal records.

Click here to download a bibliography of articles on marine biology published in The Naturalist from 1881 to 2010.  Past issues of The Naturalist are stored in the YNU library c/o the North and East Yorshire Ecological Data Centre at 10a Minster Gates, York.  The library is open for consultation by appointment, and members may borrow items.  The Marine and Coastal Section is very grateful to Dr. C. A. Howes for compiling this bibliography.

Click here for a report on the 2011 field meetings

Click here for a report on the 2011 training courses

Marine and Coastal News