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161 Editorial

163I .R. Court and G. Bentley The results of hair tube survey work to determine the presence of Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris and Grey Squirrel Sciurus carolinensis in woodland sites in the north west of the Yorkshire Dales National Park*

170 Stanley Evans What happened to the wild flowers in Harewood Churchyard?

173 R. A. BakerThe man, the place and the species. Reflections on George Hodge (1833-1871) of Seaham Harbour and his pioneering work on marine mites and other marine invertebrates*

181 D.W. Yalden Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scotica on the peripheral moors of the Peak District*

185 D. E. WhittakerOn the first occurrence of the Pilot Fish in the central North Sea, in association with a Leatherback Turtle

187 George Russell Hybrid seaweeds on Merseyside

190 P. Lightfoot Progress towards protection: key sites off the Yorkshire coast recommended as potential Marine Conservation Zones

196 Peter Mill The Rodley Dragonfly Conservation Area: an update

201 Albert Henderson and Adrian Norris Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Excursions in 2011 

225 Andy Millard Malham Tarn Field Centre 150th Anniversary weekend: A personal reflection

227 Adrian Norris, Paula Lightfoot and  Sarah West Scarborough Bioblitz and Environment Fair 2nd-4th June 2011 

230 Paul Simmons The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas – now flowering!

231 Adrian Norris and David J. Lindley Notes on Yorkshire Mollusca – 14: Important new discoveries, splits and additions to the Yorkshire molluscan fauna

234 Martin Limbert Bird-related museum collections in Yorkshire

235 Michael Archer An adventure into the history of a nest of the superwasp, Dolichovespula media

189 Book reviewThe Darwinian Tourist: viewing the world through evolutionary eyes by Christopher Wills

195 Book review The Grasshoppers, Bush-crickets and Allies of Dorset by Bryan Edwards

180, 194, 200, Letters to the Editors: Eric Caulton, Anthony Wardhaugh, C.A.Howes

237, 238 Letters to the Editors: M.Jill Lucas, Bill Ely, Peter Tannett, David E.Whittaker