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81 Colin A. Howes The last of the Yorkshire Wildcats

86 Jim Horsfall A detailed study of the ecology and hydrology of Fen Carr nature reserve

93 Peter J. Mayhew, Joachim Snow and Beatrice M. Trascau When conserving one Moth conserves another: The distribution of the Small Chocolate-tip moth on Creeping Willow at Strensall Common*

104 Joyce Payne, Tara H. Anderson, Joseph W. Merrills, Daisy Wales, Katylily Westbury-Hawkins, and Peter J. Mayhew The changing fortunes of the Dark Bordered Beauty moth at York, 1894-1997, as recorded by the York and District Field Naturalists’ Society

115 Richard B. Walker and Peter J. Mayhew Monitoring Dark Bordered Beauty moth at Strensall Common,  957-1963: some personal recollections

120 Michael Pearson Thomasine Tunstall and an annotated copy of Gerard’s ‘Herball’

126 R. Goulder Aquatic plants in the Driffield Navigation, East Yorkshire

137 Stuart FosterY orkshire Auchenorrhyncha - Part 1: Fulgoromorpha (planthoppers) and Cicadomorpha - Cercopoidea (froghoppers)

144 Andrew Grayson Additions and corrections to the Yorkshire Diptera list (part 8)

151 Peter J. Cook A recent increase in observations of species of the lichen genus Ramalina in southern Holderness

152 T.L. Blockeel YNU Bryological Section: Report for 2018

158 Book Review

160 YNU Calendar