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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Archer, M. (2019). The state of the Watsonian Yorkshire database for aculeate Hymenoptera: Part 2 - the twentieth century to the 1960s. The Naturalist 144: 38-46. Issue 1100. April 2019.


1 Steven Heathcote, Kim Jennings and Dorian Latham The Alpine Newts of Coatham Wood

6 Roy Crossley Notes on the sub-family Hydrophorinae (Diptera Dolichopodidae) in Yorkshire

12 Colin Howes Shooting for Victory: Trends in game bag data at Brodsworth Estate during the First World War

18 Daniel Branch A summary of Odonata records in the Spurn Bird Observatory area; analysing the evidence for breeding and migration

32 Jim Horsfall A report on the use of DNA metabarcoding for entomological recording at Potteric Carr

38 Michael Archer The state of the Watsonian Yorkshire database for the aculeate Hymenoptera: Part 2 – the twentieth century to the 1960s

46 Andy D. Nunn Notable records of leaf-mining moths in East Yorkshire, 2017 and 2018

51 Barry P. Warrington Leaf-mining flies (Agromyzidae) new to the Yorkshire Diptera list: part 2

53 Martin Roberts and Richard Sillaker Predation of Great Pond Snails at Wetwang *

58 Barry Nattress Some Records of Avian Chewing Lice (Mallophaga) in Yorkshire

63 Barry Nattress An update of Feather Mites & Quill Mites (Syringophilidae) in Yorkshire

64 Obituary: Barry Nattress

67 Obituary: Geoffrey Wilmore

70 YNU Excursion Circulars 2019

80 YNU Calendar