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81 Editorial

82 Jane Pottas Stranger on the Shore

86 Michael Archer The state of the Watsonian Yorkshire database for the aculeate Hymenoptera, Part 1 – the nineteenth century

95 Robert Bell, Greg Slack, Peter Middleton, Sarah Proctor and Ben McLean Bat autumn swarming in South Yorkshire

107 David R. R. Smith How have recent lepidopteral colonisers fared in Yorkshire?*

130 Colin A. Howes Field Note: An opportunist fish list from the Holderness coast*

133 Steven Heathcote Field note: Fir Tamarisk-moss at Ledsham Bank Nature Reserve

134 John Newbould Connections – insects and plants

135 W.A. Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 8 – additions and compilations by date

139 W.A. Ely YNU Entomological Section Recorders’ reports for 2017

145 Roy Crossley Hercostomus Loew, 1857 (Diptera:Dolichopodidae), a former ‘dustbin’ genus, with reference to the Yorkshire species-list

149 Jodey Peyton YNU Conference 2018 - Non-native species: research, recording and the conservation agenda

152 Terry J. Crawford Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union celebrates a half-century

154 Kenneth J. Phipps A pterosaur wing bone from Huntsman Quarry, Naunton, Gloucestershire collected by Mr A. J. Phipps of Yorkshire

158 Geoffrey Fryer An ancient record of toads killing and eating mice

159 Colin A. Howes Mammals and non-avian vertebrates - Annual Report 2017

160 Colin A. Howes YNU History Section

160 Calendar