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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Goulder, R. (2017). Freshwater plants and SSSI canals in the East Midlands and North of England 3: Leven Canal and Pocklington Canal. The Naturalist 142:104-116.  Issue 1095, August 2017.


81 Editorial

82 John Bowers Thirty years of garden wildlife. Inspired by Jennifer Owen

96 Colin A. Howes A Review of the Thresher Shark, Fox Shark or Sea Fox in Yorkshire waters

104 R. Goulder Freshwater plants and SSSI canals in the East Midlands and North of England 3: Leven Canal and Pocklington Canal

117 Colin A. Howes Four-and-twenty Blackbirds: a margin note in the Brodworth Estate game book

118 Zach Haynes Green Teens to Greybeards – an engagement conundrum

120 Paul & Joyce Simmons Field Note: Tongues of Fire rust fungus in Upper Teesdale (VC65)

121 Roger Morris A new paradigm in biological recording

127 Michael Pearson A survey of ferns on drystone walls in the Yorkshire Dales*

133 Colin A. Howes Yorkshire naturalists at war: Part 1 - News from the front, YNU members on active service

141 R. A. Baker and D. S. Gill The role of William Gardner Smith and two of his students in the origins of vegetation surveys, mapping and plant ecology in Yorkshire and Britain from 1897 to 1913*

149 Barry P. Warrington Agromyzidae new to Yorkshire

150 Mark Wills Transfer of North and East Yorkshire data to the NBN Atlas

151 David R. R. Smith Moving into the information age: from records to Google Earth

159 Peter Roberts Barnsley Naturalist and Scientific Society 150th Anniversary celebration with presentation by Professor John Rodwell

 160 Calendar

156 Book Review The Birds of Spurn by Andy Roadhouse

158 Book Review A Natural History of Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, Huddersfield by Michael Denton