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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Wardhaugh, A. (2016). Woodlands of the Ormesby to Wilton areas, N.E. Yorkshire: some observations on their terrestrial molluscs and flora. The Naturalist 141: 127-134.  Issue 1092, August 2016


81 I. McDonald  The shrinking violet Viola stagnina in the Thorne area of Yorkshire

87 Geoff S. Oxford, Roma H. Oxford and Simon Warwick  The Bloody-nosed Beetle Timarcha tenebricosa in North Yorkshire: distribution and estimates of population size*

96 John Perry  Note on ship-based sightings of Cetaceans off the Yorkshire coast

99 Roy Crossley  The genus Campsicnemus in Yorkshire

101 Andy D. Nunn and Barry Warrington More dots on the map: further records of leafmining moths in East Yorkshire

104 W.A.Ely  Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 5

120 Barry Warrington  Field Note: Vagrant Emperor in Hessle

121 Graeme T. Swindles, Andrew Jones and Garry Rushworth The phenomenon of urban peat formation*

127 A.A. Wardhaugh Woodlands of the Ormesby to Wilton areas, N.E. Yorkshire: some observations on their terrestrial molluscs and flora*

134 Alice Farr Fundraising campaign to create new pollinator-friendly habitat in York

137 R. A. Baker The formation and early years of organized natural history in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, and the influence of William Nowell (1880 -1968)

144 Anthony Raw  John Frank Raw, naturalist, and his significance today

150 Paula Lightfoot, Andy Millard and Barry Warrington YNU Membership Survey – results and next steps

160 YNU Calendar 2016