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Naturalist April Naturalist April 2016

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1 Editorial

2 Geoff S. Oxford A roll of the dice: the unnatural history of large house spiders (Tegenaria: Agelenidae) in the British Isles* The Presidential Address delivered following the Annual General Meeting on 14th November 2015.

14 Barry Warrington  Field Note: Nacreous clouds visible from northern England

15 Geoffrey Wilmore The BSBI Atlas 2020 Project in VC63 (S.W. Yorkshire): A progress report

20 Roy Crossley  Notes on the Diptera of a Yorkshire lowland heath

24 John Coldwell Calamoncosis apistylina (Diptera: Chloropidae) and other interesting flies collected at Scout Dike, South Yorkshire

27 David J. Lindley Notes on Vertigo alpestris and Vertigo pusilla in Watsonian Yorkshire*

39 Michael Archer  Are gardens good for mining bees?

41 Nicky Dobson  Capturing Our Coast and the importance of the Yorkshire coast

43 Colin A. Howes Review of the Tunny or North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in Yorkshire waters: history and trends

58 Geoff Oxford An unusual tansy Tanacetum vulgare plant at Newton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire*

61 Peter Riley  The Washburn Valley and its birds

65 Peter Drury The end of the Hull Valley Wildlife Group

66 Book review Minibeast Magic - How to catch invertebrates with tricks and treats by Roma Oxford

67 ObituaryJohn Cudworth 1927 to 2016

69 Book review Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by Steven Falk with illustrations by Richard Lewington

70 Excursion Circulars 2016

80 YNU Calendar 2016

42 Errata The Naturalist 1090: Plate VI centre pages & p203, para. 4