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Naturalist April Naturalist April 2020

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1. Jane Pottas YNU Presidential Address. Seaweeds – Cinderellas of the Sea

8. Nathan Smith. A Figure in the Fog: George Edward Massee*

13. Andy Millard, YNU Chairman. The Future of the Natural Sciences Forum

14. Stuart Foster. Yorkshire Auchenorrhyncha – Part 2, Cicadomorpha – Membracoidea

19. Michael Pearson. Drystone walls and lichenivorous moths in the Yorkshire Dales: some preliminary fndings 

24. Martin Limbert. A photograph of Yorkshire taxidermy interest

35. Steven Heathcote. Field Note: Flamingo Moss mass mortality and regeneration of a small population 

26. Ian Andrews. Notes on the Heleomyzid flies of Cali Heath YWT reserve

30. W.A.Ely. Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 11

45. R. Goulder. Water plants in the Lancaster Canal

56. Barry P. Warrington. Leaf-mining flies (Agromyzidae) new to the Yorkshire Diptera list: Part 2

58. Andrew Grayson. Additions and corrections to the Yorkshire Diptera list (part 9)

66. Obituary: Gavin Boyd 1940-2020 66

67. Roy Crossley. Notes on the genus Rhaphium Meigen, 1803 (Diptera:Dolichopodidae) in

YNU Excursion Circulars 2020 73

YNU Calendar 2020 80

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