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The following appendices are attached to this download:

  • Goulder, R. (2015a). Increase in bog-mosses Sphagnum and other changes in the vegetation of Ringinglow Bog (Southern Pennines) since the 1940s. The Naturalist 140: 134-145. Issue 1089, August 2015. 
  • Abbott, P., Middleton, R., Smith, G. & Robinson, L. (2015). Botanical Report for 2014. The Naturalist 140: 153-158. Issue 1089, August 2015.


81Terry M. Whitaker From Yorkshire to China via Borneo: a biological excursion through tropical moth ecology (YNU Presidential Address)

96 PeterJ.Mayhew, Susan E. Firth and Paul R. Waites Nine years of change in the flora of Ellerburn Bank, a limestone grassland in the North York Moors*

112 David R.R.Smith and Heather A. R. Smith  Local effects of climate change – has the date of first emergence changed in several species of Lepidoptera in Yorkshire during the period 1995 to 2014? *

119 Paula Lightfoot A question of ecology – answers from biological recording

121 S. Flint and P.W.H. Flint An investigation of the caddisfly (Insecta: Trichoptera) fauna of the Malham Tarn NNR; with special reference to the Malham Sedge Agrypnetes crassicornis

128 Roy Crossley Notes on the dolichopodid flies of two contrasting Yorkshire bogs

132 Colin Howes Geological and land use influences on Badger sett densities across South Yorkshire

134 R. Goulder Increase in bog-mosses Sphagnum and other changes in the vegetation of Ringinglow Bog (Southern Pennines) since the 1940s

145A ndrew Grayson Additions and corrections to the Yorkshire Diptera list (part 6)

152 Colin Wall YNU VC63 Field Excursion to Thorpe Marsh 14th June 2014 Bryology Report

153 Phyl Abbott, Richard Middleton, Gill Smith & Linda Robinson Botanical Report for 2014

159 Book Review Butterflies of Lesbos and Dragon flies of Lesbos ebooks by John Bowers.

160 YNU Calendar 2015