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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Pearson, M. (2015). A Flora of Aberford. The Naturalist 140: 44-47. Issue 1088, April 2015.


1 Note on scientific names

1 Colin A. Howes Whitby whales: a review of whales, dolphins and porpoises of the Cleveland and North Yorkshire Coast Part 1: Historical Background

7 Gordon Haycock Great Crested Newt translocation for conservation purposes in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

13 Dean R. Lomax A hidden ichthyosaur reveals its secrets: a 7 years’ pursuit

14 Derek Parkinson Studying the Hymenopterous parasitoids of Lepidoptera in Yorkshire

21 W.A.Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 3

33 P. Geoff Moore Michael Clegg DSc (Hon.), FMA, MBOU (1933–1995): a biography and bibliography

41 Brian GoodwinJ ohn William Taylor and the founding of the Leeds Naturalists’ Field Club

44 Michael Pearson A flora of Aberford

48 C.A. HowesT he Green-flowered Helleborine at Cusworth Park, Doncaster (VC63)*

57 T.L. Blockeel YNU Bryological Section: Report for 2013

64 Andy D. Nunn Searching for leafmining moths and bagworms in East Yorkshire

68 ObituaryD orothy Margaret Bramley 1921 – 2015

71 Book review Yorkshire Hawkweeds by Vincent Jones

72 Book review Britain's Habitats: A guide to the wildlife habitats of Britain & Ireland by Sophie Lake, Durwyn Liley, Robert Still & Andy Swash

73 Excursion Circulars 2015

80 YNU Calendar 2015