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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Goulder, R. (2014a). Aquatic plants in the Pocklington Canal: a decade of change. The Naturalist 139: 129-140.  Issue 1086, August 2014. 


81 YNU Notice: YNU Annual General Meeting

82 Colin A. Howes Historical records of some mammals of the Whitby district and adjacent areas of Cleveland and the North York Moors

102 Dean R. Lomax Discovering the palaeontology of the Whitby coast

104 R. A. Baker, C. R. Fletcher and P. J. Mill Robert Wynne Owen (1924-1985) and his parasitological collections at Leeds: 2. Parasites of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals with particular reference to Yorkshire

108 Roy Crossley Notes on the distribution and habitat associations of dolichopodid flies in Yorkshire

112 Terence M. Whitaker Mapping changes in the distribution of the Dark Green Fritillary in VC64 between 2000 and 2010

118 W.A.Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 2

123 M. E. Archer State of aculeate Hymenoptera in Watsonian Yorkshire: species gains and losses

128 Obituary: Helen Margaret Jackson

129 R. Goulder Aquatic plants in the Pocklington Canal: a decade of change

140 Richard Wilson Notable spiders recorded in Yorkshire in 2013

143 R. B. Williams The social history of ornithology: inscriptions in copies of Robert Dunn’s 1837 Ornithologist’s Guide*

160 YNU Calendar 2014