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Naturalist Aug Naturalist Aug 2013

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81 Editorial

82 D. E. Whittaker On the occurrence of the nudibranch Geitodoris planata*

93 Colin A. Howes Seasonal trends in emergence times and culling pressure on the Red Fox in lowland South Yorkshire

98 Colin A.Howes Field Note: Herring Gull feeding on Swallow

99 R. Goulder Tree colonization following sheep exclusion alongside the A169 across the North York Moors*

112 Geoff Oxford and Matt Millington Tansy Beetle conservation: Yorkshire data, national implications*

123 Colin A. Howes Yorkshire Hedgehog bounty payments: a window on four centuries of status and distribution change

128 Colin A. Howes Urchins on the doorstep: revelations of a Hedgehog ‘Mark and Release’ project

134 Colin A. Howes Hedgehog diet during the extreme drought of summer 1976

144 Michael Archer The wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of two farms, Manor and Hopewell House, in Watsonian Yorkshire

149 T.L. Blockeel YNU Bryological Section: report for 2012

155 Brian Morland Field note: Osprey attacked by Tawny Owl

160 YNU Calendar August - November 2013

122 Exhibition review Scary but beautiful - portraits of insects by John Bowers

155 Book review Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates by Michael Dobson, Simon Pauley, Melanie Fletcher and Anne Powell

159 Book review A History of the Whitby Naturalists’ Club by Mike Yates

157 Letters Dr Elva Robinson, David Baker