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Naturalist April Naturalist April 2013

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1 Editorial

2 John Newbould: President of the YNU 2012-2013

4 R. Goulder Aquatic plants in Yorkshire canals

16 Derek Parkinson An interesting plant gall on Gorse

17 Tom Higginbottom Andricus gemmeus – a new gall for Yorkshire

18 G.T.D. Wilmore A provisional Vascular Plant Red Data List for VC63 - an evaluation of current status

31`Martin Calvert The Gledhow Valley Woods Nest Box Scheme

35 Colin A. Howes and John A. Porter Onset of Summer Plumage in Black-headed Gulls at Doncaster Lakeside, based on field observations January to March 2012*

38 D.E. Whittaker Notes on Sowerby’s Beaked Whale strandings on the Yorkshire coast*

42 Colin A. Howes and Robert WoodsSeals at Teesmouth: a historical review

49 G. Boyd Rosemary Beetle Chrysolina americana - a new beetle record for Mid-west Yorkshire

50 Mark Darwell and John Bowers Field Note - Rhododendron leafhopper in VC64

52 John Newbould, Adrian Norris and Bill Ely Recording in VC65 July 2012

62 Phyl Abbott Botanical Report for 2012

70 YNU Excursions 2013

78 Colin A. Howes Project: The Yorkshire Flat Hedgehog Survey

79 Derek Parkinson Project: Parasitism of Coleophora serratella

80 YNU Calendar April - August 2013

77 Book review The Three-legged Society by Ian D.Hopkinson & Allan Steward