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Naturalist April Naturalist April 2012

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1 Editorial

2 Roger Key Dr Roger Key: President of the YNU, 2011-2012

3 John Wint I only wanted to watch the birds

11 David Baker Yorkshire’s Dark Bordered Beauty

16 D.E. Whittaker On the recent appearance of the Black-bellied Angler in the central North Sea

21 Colin A. Howes Composition of social groups of Long-finned Pilot Whales which stranded on the Holderness and Lincolnshire coasts in 1982 and 1985

26 Colin A. Howes Historical notes on the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union’s first Marine Biology Committee

29 Barry Nattress Quill mites of the family Syringophilidae parasitic on birds in Yorkshire

34 Derek Parkinson A study of the parasitoids of the Horse-chestnut Leaf-miner in a Yorkshire garden

38 Colin A. Howes Greater Wax Moth in Yorkshire*

42 Richard Wilson Spiders of Rodley Nature Reserve*

48 John Newbould A selection of interesting plant galls seen in Yorkshire in 2011

51 Phyl Abbott Botanical Report for 2011

56 Richard Wilson Spider recording in Watsonian Yorkshire during 2011

67 Obituaries (various)Eric Thompson, Donald Henry Smith, Michael J.A. Thompson

72 YNU Excursion Circulars 2012

77 The Naturalist guide to consistency

78 Calendar of Events 2012

33 Erratum: Plate XII of Naturalist 1078

50 Book review Fossils of the Whitby Coast by Dean R.Lomax

63 Book review Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern; Britain's Plant Galls - a photographic guide by Michael Chinery

64 Book review British Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern & Peter Shirley; The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas by G.T.D.Wilmore, J.Lunn & J.S.Rodwell

65 Book review Ladybirds (Coccinellidae) of Britain & Ireland by Helen E.Roy, Peter M.J.Brown, Robert Frost & Remy L.Poland

15, 60 Letters to the Editors: Derek Whiteley, David E.Whittak