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Naturalist Aug Naturalist Aug 2011

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81 Editorial

82 David Turner and Lucas ManderA bird-ringing study of passerines associated with reed beds on and near the Humber estuary: results of the first year of monitoring*

90 Kevin Walker and Linda RobinsonYorkshire’s threatened plants: Northern Hawk’s-beard Crepis mollis*

100 Richard Wilson The status of spider recording in Watsonian Yorkshire

106 Michael Pearson The early botanical exploration of the Yorkshire Dales*

118 Doug Simpson A Red Kite reintroduction project in the Leeds area

127 Clare M. Brown Great Auk material at Leeds Museum*

133 Peter Larner The spread of butterflies in Leeds

140 W.A.Ely Working on the Leeds Museum Ichneumon collection

143 Peter Murphy The creation and development of a wetland nature reserve

147 Peter Mill The Dragonfly Conservation Project at Rodley

152 Derek Parkinson A recent Yorkshire record of the ichneumon Scirtetes robustus

153 John A Newbould A further note on Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) in Harrogate District

154 Phyl Abbott Botanical Report for 2010

159 John Coldwell Diptera new to Yorkshire from the Barnsley area in 2010

142 Book review The Royal Horticultural Society Birdwatcher's Notebook

158 Book review The Dance of Air and Sea: how oceans, weather and life link together by A.H. Taylor

89 and 99 Letters to the EditorsKevin Rich, Dr. John R. Mather