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Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Conference 2016 – Names, Knowledge and Natural History

The Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union conference was held on the 19th March 2016 at the National Science Learning Centre, University of York.  The conference theme was ‘Names, knowledge and natural history – the importance of modern taxonomy to the amateur naturalist’

Many thanks to all our speakers, exhibitors and delegates for making the event such a success!  Presentations from the 2016 conference can be downloaded here.

Geoff Oxford, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: Introduction to the morning session

Susan Chambers, National Museums Scotland: Why do species names change and why does it take so long?

Lori Lawson Handley, University of Hull: How will the molecular revolution change biological recording?

Tim Rich, Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland:  On being difficult...

Chris Cooney, University of Sheffield:  Leveraging the power of museum collections

Terry Crawford, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: Introduction to the afternoon session

David Earl, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: Rubus studies in Yorkshire

Bill Ely, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: Making use of names...or not.

Paula Lightfoot, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: The UK Species Inventory

Alison Dyke, Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York: People and names

Roy Crossley, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union: What's in a name?  An old entomologist reflects.

Brian Goodwin, Conchological Society of Britain and Ireland:  From Aa to Zyzzyxdonta - taxonomy can be fun!!


YNU members Richard and Jim Middleton have created an excellent website which brings together biographical data for selected British naturalists.  They recently added an excellent new feature: a linked index of naturalists' biographies.  This takes advantage of the YNU's recent initiative to make back issues of The Naturalist dating back to 1864 freely available online via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  Richard and Jim started by adding links to obituaries in The Naturalist, and have since gone on to add other journals such as The Entomologist, IBIS and The Journal of Botany.

You can view their ever-growing list here:

We are very grateful to Richard and Jim for creating this very useful resource, and the links make fascinating reading!

(29th September 2016)

We are delighted to announce that back issues of our journal, The Naturalist, dating back to 1864 are now freely available to view and download from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  Several institutions, including Smithsonian Libraries, Natural History Museum London and the American Museum of Natural History undertook the work of scanning the journals to produce very high quality PDF files with optical character recognition to enable the journals to be searched for key words or species names.  We are very grateful indeed for the Biodiversity Heritage Library's support in making this valuable resource available to a wider audience.  Please follow this link to access the digital copies of the journals.  A full back catalogue of printed journals is also available in the YNU Library in York.

(31st August 2016)