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The Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union conference was held on Saturday 7th April 2018 in the Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, on the theme of ‘Non-native species: research, recording and the conservation agenda'.

Our sincere thanks to all the speakers, chairs and exhibitors for making it such a successful, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable event!  The programme, abstracts and list of exhibitors and presentations can be downloaded below.


Presentations (Download Here)

  • Keynote talk: Helen Roy, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 'Unravelling the Ecology of Non-native Species to inform Strategy'
  • Roger Morris, Hoverfly Recording Scheme 'New arrivals: non-native species or opportunists in a changing world? Case studies of some British hoverflies'
  • Jane Pottas, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union 'Stranger on the Shore'
  • Julien Courant, Paris Natural History Museum 'Potential impacts of the invasive African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis, in France'
  • Jasmine Brar, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union 'Effect of Giant Hogweed on the Ecosystem'
  • Keynote talk: Chris Thomas, University of York 'The dynamics of nature in a time of environmental change'
  • Olaf Booy, GB Non-Native Species Secretariat 'UK strategy for non-native species management'
  • Phillip Whelpdale, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust 'The good, the bad and the ugly - landscape scale conservation and non-native species'
  • Alison Dunn, University of Leeds 'Biosecurity - how can we embed good biosecurity in our activities to reduce the spread of invasive non-native species?'
  • Suzy Wood, CABI 'Biocontrol in the UK - finding natural solutions to invasive plant problems'
  • Roger Key, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union 'The Kiwi invasion of Fairyland - tackling invasive species on St Helena'