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Waders were top of the wildlife show in North and East Yorkshire during July. One wetland in the Spurn area recorded no fewer than 28 species during the month! Several rare American waders were spotted and all three world species of Golden Plover were seen in East Yorkshire in a 48 hour period.  It wasn’t only birds migrating; dragonflies were having a good month with rare continental species seen on the coast; Lesser Emperor being the pick of the bunch. It’s great to have several underwater marine species represented in our article this month, and they are arguably the most beautiful species in our gallery. 

This monthly article written by Richard Baines (Yorkshire Coast Nature Wildlife Guide) is a detailed summary of scarce and rare wildlife seen by anyone in the area, an opportunity to pick out patterns of emergence or migration and a small gallery of some of the best photos from the month. If you have any unusual sightings please e-mail them for inclusion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Click here to read the full article and see more photos. 

Photos clockwise from top left: Lilac beauty by Allan Rodda, Spiny squat lobster by Mark Pearson and White-rumped sandpiper by Nigel Genn