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Article provided by Mark Wills, Senior Ecological Information Officer, NEYEDC.

In April 2017, North & East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre (NEYEDC) held a recorders’ forum in York.  Attendance was good with a number of YNU members present and a variety of taxonomic interests represented.  Several interesting discussions took place, including the transfer of the national online species data portal from the NBN Gateway to the new NBN Atlas.

Two key elements of this change are the removal of access controls, which previously enabled enhanced access to datasets to be granted upon request, and the adoption of a set of Creative Commons licenses to replace the old NBN terms of data use.  Three licenses are available: 

  • CC0 – fully open with no limitations on use of the data
  • CC-BY – no limitations on the use of data but the data must be attributed to its source
  • CC-BY-NC – use of the data is limited to non-commercial use and data must be attributed to its source 

Further information on data licenses can be found at

We will shortly begin uploading the majority of the species records held on our databases to the NBN Atlas. Datasets will be uploaded individually or in groups over a period of months to allow quality assurance processes to be undertaken and the best possible metadata to be supplied.   It is our intention to use the NBN Atlas to make data more widely available, specifically to regional and national projects, to statutory agency staff and for academic and personal studies.  NEYEDC intend to upload the majority of records at 10km resolution, under the CC-BY-NC data license in the first instance.  This will mean that data uploaded to the NBN Atlas by NEYEDC will be available at the same resolution and permissions of use as was the case for the majority of data that we place on NBN Gateway data. Some data may be uploaded at higher resolutions in the future following discussions with the originators of the data.

Sensitive data such as badger setts or raptor nests will be dealt with separately and where existing agreements are in place limiting how NEYEDC can use data made available by a recorder or society, these will continue to be honoured. If this is not possible we will exclude data from that source rather than provide a level of access via the NBN Atlas which is unacceptable to the originator of the data.

We want to give every opportunity for recorders to express any concerns they may have with our making their data available in this way. Any readers of this notice with interests in, or who may be originators of biological records that they know to be held by NEYEDC and who would like to comment, please respond to Mark Wills or Clare Langrick at NEYEDC by 30th November 2017.  We can be contacted by e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01904 641631

After this date it will be assumed by NEYEDC that data providers have no objection to their records being used in this manner.

(19th July 2017)