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Bill Ely received the award of Honorary Membership of the NBN Trust at the NBN Conference in York on Friday 20th November, having been nominated by the National Forum for Biological Recording. The award was presented by the NBN Trust Chairman Professor Michael Hassell, who congratulated Bill on his significant contribution to biological recording.  Bill has been Chairman of the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Executive and is currently a member of the Editorial Board of our journal the Naturalist and is Chairman of the Entomological Section and Recorder for parasitic Hymenoptera.  Bill was also involved in the National Forum (then Federation) for Biological Recording from its inception in 1986 and chaired the NFBR for many years.  Bill started the Rotherham Biological Records Centre which has submitted over 1.6 Million records to the NBN from 11,650 taxa, and it is thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm that one 10km square within the Rotherham LRC area has the most records (ca 849,000) of any 10km square in the UK, despite this square containing no nationally important nature reserves and being highly urban.

Bill is the second YNU member to become an Honorary Member of the NBN Trust, as former YNU Secretary and President John Newbould received this award in 2013.

Bill Ely receiving his award from NBN Trust Chairman Michael Hassell.  Photo credit: Paul Shields.