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Here you can read the latest news from the Marine and Coastal Section.  Please also visit our Facebook group for updates on field trips and to see photos of our events and some of the marine wildlife we've spotted.

Deatils of the upcoming VC61 excursion to Flamborough can be found here

On Saturday 18th August, members of the Marine and Coastal Section took advantage of the low spring tide and glorious sunshine to record wildlife on the rocky shore at Runswick Bay.  We recorded an impressive 72 species, and also helped with the final lap of the Meet the Species Project, whose aim is to find and identify 2,012 target species before the end of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  We managed to find 25 species which had not previously been recorded at Meet the Species events, helping bring them a bit closer to their goal.  Pictured below are three of the species we helped to tick off the list: the sea lemon nudibranch (Doris pseudoargus), the common starfish (Asterias rubens) and the long spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis).

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