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Gill Perkins, the Conservation Manager for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust has appealed to the YNU for help in monitoring bees.

'BeeWalk is a national recording scheme to monitor the abundance of bumblebees on transects across the country.  These transects would be impossible without volunteers, who identify and count the bumblebees they see on an hour’s walk each month from March to October. 

The information collected by BeeWalk volunteers is integral to monitoring how bumblebee populations change through time, and will allow us to detect early warning signs of population declines. All data collected will contribute to important long-term monitoring of bumblebee population changes in response to changes in land-use and climate change, and, ultimately, to informing how we manage the countryside.'

If you are interested in helping out then further details are available by downloading the 2 information leaflets. 'Become a Bee Walker' and 'The Bee Walk' Leaflet'

Andrew Grayson has updated the Yorkshire Diptera list. The Excel file can be downloaded here.

The YNU's beetle recorder, Bob Marsh, has now produced part 6 of the Yorkshire Coleoptera Atlas.  This instalment maps the distribution in Yorkshire of species in the superfamily Scarabaeoidea, with notes on their habitat and conservation status.  This is available to download, along with previous parts of the Atlas, from the beetle page of this website.  An updated Checklist of Yorkshire Beetles is in preparation and will be added to the website when it is ready.

Photo by YNU member Barry Warrington.

(1st December 2016)