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Comprehensive annotated lists of the plants and beetles recorded at Blackmoorfoot Reservoir are now available to download from the YNU website.

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir is situated to the south west of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire at the foot of the Pennines.  Its construction began in 1871 and it was filled in 1876, giving a surface area of 41 hectares and a maximum depth of 12 metres.  The reservoir’s banks are fringed with deciduous woodland and the tranquil water provides a haven for migrating birds. 

The bird life of the area has been documented since the 1950s, but it was not until the mid-1970s that other groups began to be scrutinised with any seriousness. Since then, a number of specialists have been invited to the reservoir to identify and record wildlife.  The recording of plants started in earnest in 1996, Paul Bray laying the foundations. Since the year 2000 David Owen has taken over the reins and added considerably, not only to the species total, but also to the distributional knowledge.  A Recorder database was set up to manage the data collected, with the recording area divided into 16 sub-sites according to habitat types.

The botanical species list was compiled by Jill Lucas and includes notes on the abundance and distribution of each species within the recording area, the habitats in which it can be found, and whether it is a native or introduced species. 

The beetles species list was compiled by Mike Denton and includes notes on the identification and habitat preferences of each species, as well as the details of its occurrence within the site, described in the context of its distribution in Kirklees and the rest of Yorkshire.  Details of the first record are included for many species, and each species is categorised according to its rarity status.  

Many thanks to Jill Lucas and Mike Denton for sharing these very useful resources.

These lists can be downloaded by clicking on the links above.  They can also be downloaded from the relevant Sections’ pages on this website, along with other resources such as a list of beetles recorded at Spurn, a checklist of Yorkshire beetles, the Atlas of Yorkshire Coleoptera and a checklist of Yorkshire plants.