Mycology is the study of fungi, lichenology is the study of lichens - which are also fungi - but a specialised group of organisms that have a symbiotic relationship with algae and cyanobacteria. The picture below is an illustration of a fungal-algae symbiont - Lichenomphalia umbellifera (L.) Redhead et al. syn Omphalina ericetorum (Pers.), often found on peaty moorland. The algal 'partner' is a tiny green thallus of Botryodina species.

Omphalina ericetorum Bleaklow
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Apart from regular Forays run by the Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group there are additional surveys conducted at intervals, of  (a) churchyards and cemetaries in the North of Leeds by Mrs Mary Larner  and (b) by Alan Braddock in Seckar Wood, near Wakefield. Lists are provided on request as available. 

For information contact (a) the Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group ( or (b) Alan Braddock on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.