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161 Jill Warwick YNU visit to Fountains Abbey, 6th May 2016 - a reconstruction of a YNU event on 6 May 1905

165 Paul Redshaw The Lady’s-Slipper Orchid in 1930: a family secret revealed

171 Anne S. Baker The mite records (Acari: Astigmata, Prostigmata) of Barry Nattress: an appreciation and update

181 Colin A. Howes Biological records of Otters from taxidermy specimens and hunting trophies

187 Michael Archer The state of the Watsonian Yorkshire database for the aculeate Hymenoptera, Part 3 – the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from the 1970s until 2018

195 D. Branch Correction: Spurn Odonata records

196 Ian McDonald The Mole on Thorne Moors, Yorkshire

198 Phillip Whelpdale Notable range shifts of some Orthoptera in Yorkshire

201 W.A. Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 10

216 YNU Excursion Reports 2019

216 Stockton Hermitage (VC62)

219 Edlington Pit Wood (VC63)

223 High Batts (VC64)

230 Semerwater (VC65) 27th July

234 North Duffield Carrs, Lower Derwent Valley (VC61)

240 YNU Calendar 2020