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1 Sarah White From Cow Green to Re-wilding: The Presidential Address delivered following the Annual General Meeting,18th November 2017.

7 R. A. Baker and D. S. Gill Dealers, breeders, preservers and stuffers – some late nineteenth century ‘Naturalists’ in Yorkshire with brief

biographical notes

16 Phillip WhelpdaleBadger Bait Marking – A population study to inform conservation management

23 Andrew GraysonAdditions and corrections to the Yorkshire Diptera list (part 7): including two species of Trichocera [Diptera: Trichoceridae] new to the British list.

31 Barry P. Warrington Leaf-mining flies (Agromyzidae) new to the Yorkshire Diptera list.

34 Colin A. Howes Pacific Pink (or Humpback) Salmon in British waters and the first Yorkshire record

37 Colin A. Howes The Silver Carp: a new species in Yorkshire and Humberside

39 Colin A. Howes Topmouth Gudgeon: an alien fish in Yorkshire

42 Stuart Foster Yorkshire Jumping Plant Lice (Psyllids)

47 W.A. Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 7

57 Richard Shillaker and Nick Stewart Field Note: Bristly Stonewort at Quarryhouse Moor, Northumberland

59 Richard Middleton, Donald Grant,  Phyl Abbott YNU Botanical Section Reports 2017

61 W.A. Ely South Yorkshire Natural History Day 2018

67 J. Coldwell  YNU Excursion report August 2017

68 Excursion circulars 2018

78 General Data Protection Regulation and the YNU

79 Obituary: John E. Dale

80 Calendar

77 ErrataThe Naturalist 1095: 82-86; The Naturalist 1096: 178-190