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161 Sarah White, President of the Union 2016-17

163 Sharon Flint and Peter Flint Moth trapping for 'river flies'

166 Phyl Abbott Field note: Mixed fortunes for broomrapes

167 David R. R. Smith A bilateral gynandromorph Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines: Some observations*

169 R.Goulder Freshwater plants and SSSI canals in the East Midlands and North of England 1: Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Huddersfield Narrow Canal

185 Michael Pearson Drystone walls and the ecology of snails: some preliminary findings*

192 Derek Parkinson A key to the parasitoids of Coleophora serratella (Linnaeus, 1761) – a work in progress!

196 P.W.H. Flint & S. Flint Recent observations on Agrypnetes crassicornis (Trichoptera : Phryganeidae) the Malham Sedge, Yorkshire's critically endangered caddisfly

197 Richard Shillaker Carrion Crows with white/grey feather markings

200 Pete Shaw Field Note: 'Extinct' plant found near Kendal

201 C.A. Howes What's hit is history: Key Yorkshire bird specimens in the collections at Whitby Museum: a tribute to Thomas Stephenson*

214 T.L. Blockeel YNU Bryological Section: Report for 2015

221 Yorkshire Naturalists' Union Excursions in 2016

240 YNU Calendar 2017

237 Letter to the Editors David Proctor

238 Response Paula Lightfoot, Andy Millard & Barry Warrington