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The following appendices are attached to this download:

Goulder, R. (2014b). Colonization of sand and gravel quarry ponds by aquatic plants: the example of North Cave Wetlands 2001-2013. The Naturalist 139: 185-197.  Issue 1087, December 2014.


161 Dr Geoff Oxford FLS, President of the Union 2014-15

163 Linda Chapman Wild Tulip in Yorkshire and Sweden

165 Graham Featherstone Mothing in the Esk Valley

167 Barry Nattress, Mike Smith and John Ramsbottom Some records of tardigrades in Yorkshire

172 Roy Crossley The dolichopodid flies of North Cave Wetlands, a former sand and gravel quarry

179 Roy Crossley Field Note: Intra-specific killing in Great Black-backed Gull

180 Nick Morgan One day in June – a snapshot of decline*

182 John R. Mather Early notes from Spurn Bird Observatory

185 R. Goulder Colonization of sand and gravel quarry ponds by aquatic plants: the example of North Cave Wetlands 2001-2013

197 Neil Humphries, Jeff Lunn and Paul Benyonon  Establishment of Meadow Foxtail-Great Burnet meadows (MG4) former pasture land at South Grange Farm, in the East Riding of Yorkshire

210 Peter Larner Leeds Naturalists' Club 1870 - 2014

217 Obituary John Wint 1946-2014

218 Obituary Leslie Magee B.A., C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.T. 1918-2013

220 Ray Goulder Field Note: Positive news of Floating Water-plantain in the Calder & Hebble Navigation

220 Heather WalkerField Note: Rough Niger - a first record for the North of England

221 Albert Henderson and Adrian Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Excursions in 2014 Norris

240 YNU Calendar 2015