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160-161 Terry Whitaker President of the YNU 2013-2014 - an informal biography

163-179 Kevin Sunderland River Aire Fish Populations 2012

180-187 W. A. Ely Yorkshire Ichneumons: Part 1

188-191 M.A. Archer Gains and losses of the Andrena and Panurgus mining bees (Hym., Andrenidae) in Watsonian Yorkshire*

191 Erratum: Tree colonisation following sheep exclusion alongside the A169 across the North York Moors

192-202 R. Baker, C. Bradley and P.J. MillRobert Wynne Owen (1924-1985) and his parasitological collections at Leeds: 1. Microscope slides and fish parasites

203-206 G.T.D. Wilmore A provisional vascular plant red data list for VC63 (S.W. Yorkshire)

206 Chris and Helen Pellant Field Note: Guinea Pig in the North York Moors

207 David Lindley, Terry Crawford and Adrian Norris Field Note: A new colony of Heath Snail Helicella itala

208-209A. A. WardhaughThe millipede Chordeuma proximum in Yorkshire: a new county record

209-212 Tom Clinton Cross Hills Naturalists’ Society

212-218 Melanie Smith and Margaret Moseley Ox Close Wood and the East Keswick Wildlife Trust

219 Ian McDonald Letters to the Editors: Scientific names

220 Pip Seccombe Book Review: All things wild and wonderful

221-239 Albert Henderson and Adrian Norris Yorkshire Naturalists' Union Excursions in 2013

239 YNU Notice: Recent Deaths Helen Jackson, Les Magee, Douglas Richardson, Derek Yalden.

240 Calendar 2014