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81 Editorial

82I .White and I.R.Court The Hazel Dormouse release project at Freeholders’ Wood in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

89 C. A. Howes When did the Weasel first appear in the Yorkshire fauna?

93 Geoffrey FryerAnother early challenge to the 'orthodox' interpretation of industrial melanism in moths, posed by some forgotten observations of Ben Morley in 1911*

101 Eric Caulton, Gina Angus and Anna Innman A four year study of airborne pollen of Pinaceae in South-east Scotland, 2008 - 2011

106 Queen's Birthday Honours Award Dr.John R.Mather

107 Dr John R. Mather What is a naturalist?

113 Robin N. Hopper Nesting Kittiwakes on Scarborough Castle Headland and South Bay

115 Agne Gvozdevaite Importance of wetland management and restoration for farmland bird biodiversity: case study of Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland Project*

120 David Croft The Anglers' Monitoring Initiative and beyond!

124 Tim Burkinshaw Farmland bird conservation schemes of the Scarborough Carrs

128 Michael E. Archer The wasps, ants and bees (aculeate Hymenoptera) of the ‘Green Spaces’ of Scarborough Town

132 John Newbould Scarborough Castle – an urban location for a meadow

133 Adrian Norris The land, freshwater and marine molluscs of Scarborough 140 R.B. Williams Biographical notes on the Hull taxidermist-dealer Robert Dunn, his son Joseph and other possible family members: newspaper gleanings

144 Karen Snowden Scarborough Museum Trust

146 Obituary Dr Robert Townend Pemberton

148 T.L. Blockeel and C. WallYNU Bryological Section: Report for 2009-2011

158 Sarah West Yorkshire Museum Gardens BioBlitz report

147 Book review Lichens: An illustrated guide to the British & Irish species by Frank S.Dobson

156 Book review Porritt’s Lists: A reprint of George T Porritt’s Yorkshire butterfly and moth records first published in 1883/86, 1904, 1907, 1922 revised into modern order with detailed comments and background by Howard M Frost, Harry E Beaumont, Terry J Crawford, Geoffrey Fryer & Chris S V Yeates

157 Book review Guide to British freshwater macroinvertebrates for biotic assessment compiled by Simon Pawley

99 Letters to the Editors Bill Ely, Geoffrey Fryer.